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Big River


Big River
Directed by Ryan Bailey
Playhouse 2000, Cailloux Theatre, Kerrville, Texas
April 2003

Sometimes at night you look like a long white train . . .
© 2004 tony gallucci

Big River; Directed by Ryan Bailey; Starring Austin Owen as Huck Finn, Clifton Fifer as Jim, Graham Douglass as Tom Sawyer, Mac Anderson, Peter Lewis, Kristen Sandlin, Jenni Duke, Graydon Vaught, Wes Bourland

Well, this show is long over, BUT i had to say that it is the finest single production i've ever seen by Playhouse 2000. A brand new stage in the remarkably redone Cailloux Theatre certainly helped some, but the show itself could have been performed in a vacuum and been brilliant. Ryan Bailey of course deserves huge credit for making this work. There were a ton of nuances there that could only have come from a dash of creative magic. And Austin Owen and Clifton Fifer were nothing short of magnificent. I got goosebumps during their duets. Add in Jenni Duke to make a trio and a whole gaggle broke out. Ryan and Austin are both heading off for the big world. All the best to them, we haven't heard the last of either.