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Some Production Stills

About the Cast & Crew

Peter Navarra as Will
Graham Douglass as Colt
Lillian Beaudoin as Melissa
Whitney Wilson as Katy
Connor O'Quinn as Jason
Jonah Priour as Micah
Aaron Hutto as Dusty
Ryan King as Tyler
Tyler Brown as Rory
John Ferguson as Austin
Lauren Brown as Jamie
Summer White as
John Northcutt as John
Cadi Hawkins as Jamie
Sloan Frierson as Sarah
Joseph Hinkle as Eddie
Taylor Danielson as Brent
Connor Burney as basketball player/skier
Wyndham Burney as basketball player/skier
Roy Burney as ski boat driver
Lauren Hensley as Megan
Rachel Hensley as
Cole Garrett as
Taylor Faust as adolescent Will
Faith Danielson as young Katy
Martha Danielson as playground kid
Nolan Brown as adolescent Colt
Chris Brown as playground kid
Derek Brown as young Colt
Jacob Lewis as basketball player
Meg Lewis as
Myles Smith as the singer/songwriter
Holly Riedel as Mrs. Bennett
Marie Cearley as
Sarah Tacey as
as Sam, the policeman
as Vance, the policeman
Chris Valentine, police voiceover
Leaman Valentine, police voiceover
Mildred (the Mountain Coatimundi) as Nosy (the critter)

Chris Valentine -- second camera, continuity
Leaman Valentine -- crew
Ryan Batley -- crew
Brooke Batley -- crew

Ryan Bailey -- Composer
Myles Smith -- singer/songwriter

Special thanks to:
Richard Land and The Dam Store

Tommie Howell and The Smith-Ritch Point Theatre

Bruce Faust, Superintendent
Pamela Morris, Ingram Tom Moore High School Principal
and the Ingram Independent School District

Rob McCutcheon, Chief
and the Kerrville Police Department

Ray Lynch, Chief
and the Ingram Volunteer Fire Department

The Hawkins family
and Camp Rio Vista

and Alexa's Boutique, Kerrville

The Douglass family

The Navarra family

Pam Frierson

The Brown family

Diogenes & Dionysus was shot in Kerr County, Texas
September 2004 to August 2005