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Ode to a River

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The Guadalupe River

Greg Lasley

Dr. John Abbott & his students

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This annual event focuses on critters that may not (yet!) have the universal appeal of our sub-tropical and migrant birds and butterflies. Dragonflies and Damselflies eat mosquitoes and are every bit as colorful, interesting and vital to a healthy environment than their better known cousins. With field guides now widely available, identification of these fascinating insects has become easier for all who are interested.

5:00 -6:00 PM Tony Gallucci: “Ode to a River”
This session is a documentary film that examines the odonate fauna of the Guadalupe River of Central Texas. While odonates are extremely mobile, and single source endemics are scarce, some species are known only from a few sites. The Guadalupe, with its abundance of microhabitat types, seems to have more than its share of the scarcer odonates, and is especially rich in damselflies.

About the speaker: After a 30-year run eating dragonflies, he began the process of identifying them in 1998, spurred by his own project to document the complete flora and fauna of Kerr County (htttp://, and aided by Bob Behrstock's infectious enthusiasm for the flying predators. After old friend Greg Lasley showed him his newly refound Blue-faced Ringtails in 2003, together they began a quest of sorts to document odonates in parts of Texas where they were little known, traveling statewide in what has become an ongoing project. Tony's film, “Ode to a River,” premiering here at the festival, combines various of these plots - the odonate fauna of one of Texas' richest rivers, the Guadalupe, the refinding of Erpetogomphus eutainia, and odonate discovery and research in Kerr County.