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Colleagues, Friends & Family

What's going on with colleagues, friends and family

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McAllen High School

Holly Hunter plays Wood's mother, and Jeremy Sisto                       Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood in "Thirteen."
                                                                         is her well-meaning but drug-addicted boyfriend.                         

        Catherine Hardwicke, right, directs a scene in "Thirteen."

Catherine Hardwicke '73
McHi Hall of Fame
Vivaldi (Director); Burden (Director);Thirteen (Director/Writer; Sundance 2003 Best Director, Best Drama); Lords of Dogtown (Director); Tombstone (Production Design); Tank Girl (Production Design); Posse (Production Design); Two Days in the Valley (Production Design); SubUrbia (Production Design/Second Unit Director); Laurel Canyon (Production Design); Vanilla Sky (Production Design); Antitrust (Production Design); Three Kings (Production Design); The Newton Boys (Production Design); Mad City (Production Design); Car 54, Where Are You (Production Design); Freaked (Production Design); Passed Away (Production Design); Martians, Go Home (Production Design); I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (Production Design); Tapeheads (Production Design); Billy Crystal's Sessions (Production Design; CableAce nominee); John Cusack's Alagazam (Production Design; John Jefferson nominee); Puppy Does the Gumbo (Writer/Producer/Design; Nissan Focus Award, Disney Card Walker Animation Award); Mr. Destiny (Art Director); Braindead (Production Design); Hunk (Art Director); Thrashin' (Production Design); Robocop (Crew); Antitrust: Cracking the Code (as herself)

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More about Dan York '72
McHi Hall of Fame
Midnight Run (Associate Producer/Actor); Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Executive Producer); Flashfire (witer); Seven Days: The Series (Writer); Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (Production Assistant); Brett Maverick “Welcome to Sweetwater” (Actor); La Cucaracha (Co-Producer); Scent of a Woman (unable to verify)

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More about Robert Roy Pool '72
McHi Hall of Fame
Armageddon (Writer; Academy Award nominee); Outbreak (Writer); Big Town (Writer); Donato and Daughter (Writer); Ultimatum (Writer); Meltdown (Writer)

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David Cowgill '78
McHi Hall of Fame
The Young and the Restless (Actor); Kiss the Girls (Actor); Invader (Actor); Same River Twice (Actor); Star Trek: First Contact (Actor); Shrek (Voice Actor); Hunchback of Notre Dame II (Voice Actor), Meet  the Fockers (Voice Actor)

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Bettye Bloomfield, theatre and literature teacher in high school, she's recently been honored as a Texas State Teacher of the Year.

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And there's these McHi homies

JoJo Henrickson '84
McHi Hall of Fame
PLACAS (Telemundo Reality TV Director); Space Banda (Actor); Barrio Murders (Writer/Director/Actor); Hunting of Man (Actor)

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Elizabeth Ramos '93
McHi Hall of Fame
Academy Awards (Dancer); Oprah Winfrey Show (Dancer); Men In Black (Dancer); Austin Powers in Goldmember (Dancer); Blue in the Face (Dancer); American Music Awards (Dancer); Soul Train (Dancer); Black and Blue (Dancer); Dirty Dancing 2 -- Havana Nights (Dancer); Looney Tunes, Back in Action (Dancer); Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Dancer);Cinderella (Dancer);For Your Love: The Forbidden Dance (Actor/Dancer);Suddenly Susan (Dancer); Rosie O'Donnell Show (Dancer); The Jennifer Lopez Special (Dancer); Jerry Lewis Telethon (Dancer); The Today Show (Dancer);  Earth, Wind and Fire (Choreographer);Nikki:Won't You Beat My Neighbor? (Dancer); Nikki: And the Winner Is . . . (Actor/Dancer); Christina Aguilera music video (Dancer); Will Smith music video (Dancer); Enrique Iglesias music video (Dancer); P. Diddy music video (Dancer); Gloria Estefan's Live & Re-Wrapped (Dancer)

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Maximilian Decker '95
McHi Hall of Fame
All My Children (Actor)

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Other buds

Lyle Lovett (music link)
The New Guy (actor); 3 Days of Rain (actor); Cookie's Fortune (actor); The Opposite of Sex (actor); Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (actor); Breast Men (actor); Bastard Out of Carolina
(actor); Pret-a-Porter (actor); Short Cuts (actor); The Player (actor); Bill: On His Own (actor); 61* (singer); Hope Floats (singer); With Honors (singer); Crying Game (singer); Major League (singer); 61* (composer); Dr. T & the Women (composer); Dead Man Walking (composer); Willie Nelson Live and Kicking (as himself); Hunter Goes to Hollywood (as himself); Last Stand of
the Tallgrass Prairie (as himself); Kennedy Center Honors 1998: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (as himself); Kennedy Center Honors 1996: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (as himself); Roger Miller Remembered (as himself); Lyle Lovett: Going Home (as himself); Luck, Trust & Ketchup: Robert Altman in Carver Country (as himself); Willie Nelson: The Bix Six-O
(as himself); Farm Aid `87 (as himself);The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (TV appearances); Austin City Limits (TV appearances); Dharma & Greg (TV appearances); Mad About You (TV appearances); Late Night with Conan O'Brien (TV appearances); Sin City Spectacular (TV appearances); The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (TV appearances)

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One side . . .
Tony Gallucci: Forever Amber (Actor)

Magda Gabor (b. 6-11-14 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary; d. 6-6-97 in Palm Springs, California; married to Tony Gallucci; sister to ZsaZa and Eva): Mai Lanyok (Actor); The People vs. Zsa Zsa Gabor (as herself); V.I.P. - Schaukel (as herself); The Colgate Comedy Hour (as herself); Lenke (Today's Girls) (Actor); The Colgate Comedy Hour (as herself); also several Broadway productions, 1940's & 1950's

ZsaZsa Gabor: (b. 2-6-17 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary): Happily Ever After (Actor), Queen of Outer Space (Actor); As The World Turns (TV Actor),  etc..; The People vs. Zsa Zsa Gabor (subject); The Zsa Zsa Gabor Story (subject)

Eva Gabor (b. 2-11-19 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary; d. 7-4-95 in Los Angeles, California): Gigi (Actor); Green Acres (TV Actor); Forced Landing (Actor); Pacific Blackout (Actor); The Happy Time (Broadway Actor); The Last Time I Saw Paris (Actor); New Kind of Love (Broadway Actor); Return to Greeen Acres (Actor); etc.; Intimate Portrait: Eva Gabor (subject)

Barbara Gallucci  (Industrial Light & Magic): Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Chief Modelmaker); Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Modelmaker);  Poltergeist  (Modelmaker)

John Gallucci: Corporate Fantasy (Actor), Las Vegas: Pros and Cons (TV Actor), Dragnet: Well Endowed (TV Actor), Beverly Hills 90210: Brandon Leaves  (TV Actor), Women: Stories of Passion: Luck is a Lady (TV Actor)

Victor Gallucci: Why Not Stay for Breakfast (Actor), Jane and the Lost City (Actor), The Bill:Target (TV Actor), Serious and Organised  (TV Actor)

And the other . . .

James Cameron: (b. 8-16-1954 in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada; married to Linda Hamilton, girlfriend Suzi Amis): Titanic (Writer/ Producer/Director/Director of Photography/Actor; Academy Award - Best Director); The Terminator (Writer/Director); Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Writer/Producer/Director); Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Writer/); Terminator: The Dawn of Fate (Writer/); Dark Angel (Writer/Executive Producer/Director); T2 3D: Battle Across Time (Writer/Director); Strange Days (Writer/Producer/Editor); True Lies (Writer/Producer/Director/Editor); The Abyss (Writer/Director); Aliens (Writer/Director/Designer); Rambo: First Blood Part II (Writer); Xenogenesis (Writer/Director); Godspeed (Producer); Aliens of the Deep (Producer/Director); Volcanoes of the Deep Sea (Executive Producer); Ghosts of the Abyss (Producer/Director); Expedition Bismarck (Producer/Director); Solaris (Producer); Titanic Explorer (Producer); Point Break (Executive Producer); Earthship.TV (Director); Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (Director); Android (Consultant); Galaxy of Terror (Unit Director); Battle Beyond the Stars (Photographer/ ConstructionArt Director); Escape from New York (Matte Artist); Under Pressure: Making the Abyss (Photography); High Heels and Low Lifes (Actor); Terminator 3: Redemption (Writer); Untitled 2006 Project (Writer/Producer); Godspeed (Producer)

Kirk Thomas Cameron (b. 10-12-70 in Panorama City, California): Growing Pains (TV Actor); Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers (TV Actor); Left  Behind II: Tribulation of Force (Actor); The  Miracle of the Cards (TV Actor); Left Behind (Actor); The Growing Pains Movie (TV Actor); You  Lucky Dog (TV Actor); Kirk (TV Actor); The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (Actor); Star Struck (TV Actor); A Little Piece of Heaven (TV Actor); Listen to Me (Actor); Like Father Like Son (Actor); The Best of Times (Actor); Children in the Crossfire (TV Actor); More than Murder (TV Actor); The Woman Who Willed a Miracle (TV Actor); Andrea's Story: A Hitchhiking Tragedy (TV Actor); Two Marriages (TV Actor); Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land (TV Actor); Beyond Witch Mountain (TV Actor); Bret Maverick (TV Actor); Goliath Awaits (TV Actor); The  Magic 7 (Composer); Intimate Portrait: Tracey Gold (as himself); The Way of the Master (as himself); Intimate Portrait: Young Hollywood (as himself); The Making of Left Behind II: Tribulation Force (as himself); Growing Pains: The E! True Hollywaood Story (as himself); The Making of  Left Behind: The Movie (as himself); Celebrity Profile  (as himself); The Willies  (as himself); The Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy (as himself); Retrosexual: The 80's (as himself); The Tony Danza Show (as himself); Family Law:Blood and Water (TV Actor); Touched by an Angel: The Birthday Present  (TV Actor);  Hope & Gloria:The Face with Two Men  (TV Actor);  Full House: Just One of the Guys (TV Actor);  Herbie, The Love Bug: Herbie the Matchmaker (TV Actor);  Bret Maverick: The Lazy Ace, Part 1 (TV Actor);  Bret Maverick: The Lazy Ace, Part 2 (TV  Actor)

John Cameron (b. 3-20-44 in Woodford, Essex, England): Kes (Composer/Conductor); Every Home Should Have One (Composer); The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer  (Composer); Black Beauty (Composer); Psychomania (Composer); The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie (Composer); The Ruling Class (Composer/Musical Director); The Protectors (Composer); Charley One-Eye (Composer); Night Watch (Composer); A Touch of Class (Composer/Conductor); Scalawag (Composer); Who? (Composer); Sex Play (Composer); Moments (Composer); Out of Season (Composer); Whiffs (Composer); Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday (Composer); Come Una Rosa Al Naso (Composer); Spectre (Composer); 1990 (Composer); Nasty Habits (Composer); The Thief of Baghdad (Composer); The Bermuda Triangle (Composer); Lost and Found (Composer); Sunburn (Composer); The London Connection (Composer); The Mirror Crack'd (Composer/Conductor); Witness for the Prosecution (Composer); Philip Marlowe Private Eye (Composer); Jimmy the Kid (Composer); The Jigsaw Man (ComposerConductor); The Secret Garden (Composer); Hawks (Composer); Jack the Ripper (Composer); Jekyll & Hyde (Composer); Frankenstein (Composer); Driftwood (Composer); To End All Wars (Composer); Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Orchestrator); Hey Mr. Producer! The Musical World of Cameron Mackintosh (Orchestrator); Les Miserables in Concert (Orchestrator); Jack the Ripper (Conductor/Arranger); Witness for the Prosecution (Conductor); Poor Cow (Musical Director); The Stud (Conductor/Arranger); Wave of Passion: The Life of Alexandra Kollontai (Sound)

John C. Cameron: Chiefs (Art Department); Rearview Mirror  (Art Department); Snowballing (Art Department); Go Tell It on the Mountain (Art Department); Marie (Art Department); The Bedroom Window (Art Department); The Murder of Mary Phagan (Art Department); Noble House (Art Department); Unconquered (Art Department); The Littlest Victims (Art Department); The Return of the Swamp Thing (Art Department); Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer (Art Department); Orpheus Descending (Art Department); Dances with Wolves (Art Department); Son of the Morning Star (Art Department); Paris Trout (Art Department); Livin' Large (Art Department); I'll Fly Away (Art Department); Freejack (Art Department); To Dance with the White Dog (Art Department); On Promised Land (Art Department); The Last Outlaw (Art Department); Fluke (Art Department); The Client (Art Department); Andersonville (Art Department); That Darn Cat (Art Department); Miss Evers' Boys (Art Department); Wild America (Art Department); Best Friends for Life (Art Department); The Hi-Lo Country (Art Department); Sons of Thunder (Art Department); Ride with the Devil (Art Department); Miss Lettie and Me (Art Department); Dumb and Dumber: When Harry Met Lloyd (Art Department); The Missing (Art Department); My Life So Far (Art Department); Cube (Art Department);The House of Mirth (Crew) Master of Magic (Illustrator)

John Cameron: Men In Black (Assistant Director); Get Shorty (Assistant Director); The Tie That Binds (Assistant Director); The Quick and the Dead (Assistant Director/Actor); The Hudsucker Proxy (Assistant Director/Actor); Dazed and Confused (Assistant Director); Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (Assistant Director); Army of Darkness (Assistant Director); Lunatics: A Love Story (Assistant Director/Actor); Rubin and Ed (Assistant Director); Shang Hai Yi Jiu Er Ling (Assistant Director); Edge of Honor (Assistant Director); Darkman (Assistant Director); Maniac Cop 2 (Assistant Director); Crimewave (Assistant Director); Friday Night Lights (Executive Producer); The Ladykiller (Co-Producer); Bad Santa (Producer); Intolerable Cruelty (Co-Producer); The Man Who Wasn't There (Co-Producer); O Brother Where Art Thou? (Co-Producer); Rushmore (Co-Producer); The Big Lebowski (Co-Producer); Fargo (Line Producer); Moontrap (Co-Producer); The Ladykiller (Unit Production Manager); Darkman (Actor); The Evil Dead (Actor); Xena: Warrior Princess (Director); Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Director); Collision Course (Location Manager); The Rosary Murders (Location Manager); Home and Away (Editor); Congo (Actor); We of the Never Never (Actor); Dangerfreaks (Editor); Murdered Innocence (Casting Director)

Marjorie Cameron (b. 4-23-22 in Belle Plain, Iowa): Night Tide (Actor); Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (Actor); High, Wide and Handsome (Actor)

Ken Cameron (b. 1946, Tenterfield, New South Wales, Australia): The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All (Director); White Collar Blue  (Director); White Collar Blue series (Director); Halifax F.P.: Takes Two (Director); My Brother Jack (Director); Halifax F.P.: A Person of Interest  (Director); Secret Men's Business (Director); Stingers (Director); Miracle at Midnight (Director); Payback (Director); Dalva (Director); Bordertown (Director); Joh's Jury (Director); Seven Deadly Sins (Director); Brides of Christ (Director); Police Rescue (Director); Police Crop:The Winchester Conspiracy (Director); Bangkok Hilton (Director/Writer); The Clean Machine (Director/Writer); Stringer (Director); The Good Wife  (Director); Crime of the Decade (Director); Fast Talking (Director/Writer); Monkey Grip  (Director/Writer); Temperament Unsuited  (Director/Writer); Out of It (Director/Writer); More Winners: The Journey (Writer); WillFull (Actor)

Gordon D.B. Cameron: Finding Nemo (animation developer, studio research and development); The Incredibles (animation software developer, software engineering)

Lorne Cameron: Brother Bear (Writer); The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave (Producer/Writer); Catch Me If You Can (TV Writer); Justice League of  America (Producer/Writer); First Knight (Writer); Like Father Like Son (Writer)

Tricia Cameron: The League of Extroardinary Gentlemen (Hairstylist); The Phantom of the Opera (Hairstylist); The Grid (Hairstylist); Shanghai Knights  (Hairstylist); The Mummy Returns (Hairstylist); 102 Dalmatians (Hairstylist); Relative Values (Hairstylist); A Christmas Carol (Hairstylist); The Last September (Hairstylist); The Mummy (Hairstylist); Tomorrow Never Dies (Hairstylist); Mrs. Dalloway (Hairstylist); Fierce Creatures (Hairstylist); Scarlett (Hairstylist); Brassed Off (Hairstylist); Scarlett series (Hairstylist); Lie Down with Lions (Hairstylist); The Browning Version (Hairstylist); Frankenstein (Hairstylist); Jewels (Hairstylist); The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (Hairstylist); Shining Through (Hairstylist); One Against the Wind (Hairstylist); Air America (Hairstylist); The Witches (Hairstylist); Great Balls of Fire (Hairstylist); Licence  to Kill (Hairstylist); Stealing Heaven (Hairstylist); Fuegos (Hairstylist); Comrades (Hairstylist); Biggles (Hairstylist); The Bride (Hairstylist); Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil (Hairstylist); Gorky Park (Hairstylist)

Allan Cameron: The Mummy (Production Designer); Red Dwarf: The Movie (Production Designer); Sahara (Production Designer); Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride (Production Designer); Van Helsing (Production Designer); Shanghai Knights (Production Designer); The Four Feathers  (Production Designer); The Mummy Returns (Production Designer); Hollow Man (Production Designer); Tomorrow Never Dies (Production  Designer); Starship Troopers (Production Designer); The Adventures of Pinoochio (Production Designer); Showgirls (Production Designer); The Jungle Book (Production Designer); No Escape (Production Designer); Swing Kids (Production Designer); Far and Away (Production  Designer); Blood Royal: William the Conqueror (Production Designer); Air America  (Production Designer); Willow (Production Designer); The Fourth Protocol (Production Designer); Strong Medicine (Production Designer); Highlander (Production Designer); Lady Jane  (Production Designer); Nineteen Eighty-Four (Production Designer); Lace  (Production Designer); The Honorary Consul (Production Designer); Princess Ida (Production Designer); Edward & Mrs. Simpson (Production Designer); The Black Knight (Production Designer); Three Weeks (Production Designer); Robin's Nest (Production Designer); The Naked Civil Servant (Production Designer); The Tomorrow  People (Production Designer); Public Eye (Production Designer); Van Helsing: Behind the Screams (as himself); Fleshing Out the Hollow Man  (as himself)

W. Bruce Cameron: 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter (Writer)

Paul Cameron (b. 5-30-58 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada): Collateral (Cinematographer); Man on Fire (Cinematographer); The Hire: Beat the Bevil  (Cinematographer); Swordfish (Cinematographer); Gone in Sixty Seconds (Cinematographer); Advice from a Caterpillar (Cinematographer); The Last Supper (Cinematographer); Parallel Lives (Cinematographer); Chantilly Lace (Cinematographer); Distribution of Lead  (Cinematographer)

Mairi Cameron: Milk (Director)

D. Walt (Daniel Walter) Cameron (b. 7-13-66 in Utah): Exorcist (digital compositor); Hellboy (digital compositor); Looney Tunes: Back in Action  (digital compositor); Purgatory House (digital compositor); Gods and Generals (digital compositor); Second String (digital compositor); Avenging Angelo (digital compositor); Scooby-Doo (digital compositor); ZigZag (digital compositor); Maybe  It's Me (digital compositor);  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (digital compositor); Driven (digital compositor); Donnie Darko (digital compositor); If . . . Dog . . .Rabbit  (digital compositor); Bats (digital compositor); Godzilla (digital compositor); Deep Impact (digital compositor); Titanic (digital  compositor); Contact (digital compositor); Selena (digital compositor); Vegas Vacation (digital compositor); Mars Attacks (digital  compositor); Eraser (digital compositor)

Matt Cameron: CrashBurn (Writer); Micallef Tonight (Writer); Introducing Gary Petty (Director/Writer); Small Tales & True (Director/Writer); SeaChange (Writer); Eric (Producer/Writer/Script Editor); The Eric Bana Show Live (Writer); Shark Bay (Writer); Jimeoin (Writer); Full  Frontal  (TV Writer); The Secret Life of Me (Director); Kath & Kim (Script Editor)

Bob Cameron: Blue Heelers (Writer)

Rod Cameron (b. 12-1-10 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, d. 12-21-83 in Gainesville, Georgia): Love and the Midnight Auto Supply (Actor); Psychic Killer  (Actor); Jessi's Girls (Actor); Evel Knievel (Actor); The Last Movie (Actor); The Baron's African War (Actor); Black Dragon of Manzanar (Actor); Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand (Actor); Il Piombo e la Carne (Actor); The Bounty Killer (Actor); Requiem for a Gunfighter (Actor); Le Pistole non Discutono (Actor); The Gun Hawk (Actor); Gunfight at Black Horse Canyon (Actor); Coronado 9 (Actor);  The Man Who Died Twice  (Actor); Escapement (Actor); State Trooper (Actor); Spoilers of the Forest (Actor); Yaqui Drums (Actor); Passport to Treason (Actor); The  Fighting Chance (Actor); Headline Hunters (Actor); Double Jeopardy (Actor); Santa Fe Passage (Actor); Hell's Outpost (Actor); Southwest Passage (Actor); City Detective (Actor); The Street Lady (Actor); San Antone (Actor); Ride the Man Down (Actor); Woman of the North Counrtry (Actor); The Jungle (Actor); Wagons West (Actor); Fort Osage (Actor); The Sea Hornet (Actor); Cavalry Scout (Actor); Oh! Susanna  (Actor); Stage to Tucson (Actor); Short Grass (Actor); Dakota Lil (Actor); Brimstone (Actor); Stampede (Actor); Strike It Rich (Actor); Belle Starr's Daughter (Actor); The Plunderers (Actor); River Lady (Actor); Panhandle (Actor); Pirates of Monterey (Actor); The Runaround (Actor); Frontier Gal (Actor); Renegades of the Rio Grande (Actor); Swing Out Sister (Actor); Beyond the Pecos (Actor); Salome Where She Danced  (Actor); The Old Texas Trail (Actor); Riders of the Santa Fe (Actor); Mrs. Parkington (Actor); Trigger Trail (Actor); Boss of Boomtown (Actor); Gung Ho! (Actor); Riding High (Actor); The Kansan (Actor); The Good Fellows (Actor); Secret Service in Darkest Africa (Actor); Honeymoon Lodge (Actor); No Time for Love (Actor); G-Men vs. The Black Dragon (Actor); Commandos Strike at Dawn (Actor); Star Spangled Rhythm  (Actor); The Forest Rangers (Actor); Wake Island (Actor); Priorities on Parade (Actor); True to the Army (Actor); The Remarkable Andrew  (Actor); The Fleet's In (Actor); Pacific Blackout (Actor); Among the Living (Actor); No Hands on the Clock (Actor); Night of January 16th (Actor); Henry Aldrich for President (Actor); Nothing but the Truth (Actor); Buy Me That Town (Actor); The Parson of Panamint (Actor); I Wanted Wings (Actor); The Monster and the Girl (Actor); Life with Henry (Actor); The Quarterback (Actor); North West Mounted Police (Actor); Christmas in July (Actor); Rangers of Fortune (Actor); The Old Maid (Actor); Heritage of the Desert (Actor); Follow the Boys (Stuntman); Project UFO:Sighting 4003: The Fremont Incident (TV Actor); The Rockford Files: A Bad Deal  in the Valley (TV Actor); Adam-12: Follow-Up (TV Actor); Police Story: Glamour Boy (TV Actor); Adam-12: Foothill Division: Mac's Boots (TV Actor); Alias Smith and Jones: High Lonesome Country (TV Actor); Alias Smith and Jones: The Biggest Game in the West (TV Actor); Bearcats!: Conqueror's Gold (TV Actor); Adam-12: Log 88  - Reason to Run (TV Actor); The Virginian: Gun Quest (TV Actor); The Name of the Game: The Civilized Men (TV Actor); Hondo: Hondo and the Sudden Town (TV Actor); The Iron Horse: Pride at the Bottom of the Barrel (TV Actor); Branded: Barbed Wire (TV Actor); Bonanza: Ride the Wind, Part 2 (TV Actor); Bonanza: Ride the Wind, Part 1 (TV Actor); Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre: Have Girls Will Travel (TV Actor); Perry Mason: The Case of the Bouncing Boomerang (TV Actor); Burke's Law: Who Killed Holly Howard (TV Actor); Laramie: Broken Honor (TV Actor); Laramie: Lost Allegiance (TV Actor); Tales of Wells Fargo: Assignment in Gloribee (TV Actor); Laramie: The Last Journey (TV Actor); Laramie: Men in Shadows (TV Actor); Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Man Who Found the Money (TV Actor); Laramie: Drifter's Gold (TV Actor); Letter to Loretta: New Slant (TV Actor); Crossroads: Deadly Fear (TV Actor); Studio 57: A Touchstone for Taro (TV Actor); Star Stage:  Killer on Horseback (TV Actor); Letter to Loretta: Tropical Secretary (TV Actor); Studio 57: Win a Cigar (TV Actor); Jane Wyman Presents the  Fireside Theatre: Gusher City (TV Actor)

Yves (Yver) Cameron: Catwoman (Stunts); Critical Assembly (Stunts); X2 (Stunts); Final Destination 2 (Stunts); Monk (Stunts); Insomnia (Stunts); Deadly Little Secrets (Stunts); Thir13en Ghosts (Stunts); Smallville series (Stunts); Voyage of the Unicorn (Stunts); 3000 Miles to Graceland  (Stunts); Valentine (Stunts); Sanctimony (Stunts); Get Carter (Stunts/Actor); Dark Angel (Stunts); Duets (Stunts); The Man Who Used to be Me  (Stunts); Scary Movie (Stunts); Trixie (Stunts); Screwed (Stunts); Final Destination (Stunts); Reindeer Games (Stunts); The Wonder Cabinet  (Stunts); Double Jeopardy (Stunts); Dudley Do-Right (Stunts); Heaven's Fire (Stunts); Max Q (Stunts); Wrongfully Accused (Stunts); Nick Fury:      Agent of Shield (Stunts); The Escape (Stunts); Hardball (Stunts); Night Man (Stunts); Cloned (Stunts); Masterminds (Stunts); Alaska (Stunts); Carpool (Stunts); Mask of Death (Stunts); Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (Stunts); Malicious (Stunts); Power of Attorney (Stunts); The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space (Stunts); Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain (Stunts); Hard Evidence (Stunts); Man of  the House (Stunts); White Fang II: Myth of the White Wolf (Stunts); Sin & Redemption (Stunts); Born to Run (Stunts); Stay Tuned (Stunts); If  Looks Could Kill (Stunts); D-Tox (Actor); Hawkeye: The Escape (Actor)  (Stunts)

Trent Cameron: General Hospital (TV Actor); D.C: Sniper: 23 Days of Fear (TV Actor); Focus (Actor); The Wood (Actor); The Kid Who Loved Christmas  (TV Actor); You Take the Kids (TV Actor); Homeroom (TV Actor);Cold Case: Glued (TV Actor); The Parkers (TV Actor);Snoops: A Criminal  Mind (TV Actor)

Tassie Cameron: Cake (Writer); Fast Food High (Writer); The Eleventh Hour (Writer); Tom Stone (Writer); Singles Court (Writer); Degrassi: The Next  Generation (Writer); Paradise Falls (Writer); Chez Amore  (Writer)

Angelina Cameron (12-13-66 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada): Man About Town (Hairstylist); The Five People You Meet in Heaven  (Hairstylist); I, Robot (Hairstylist); The Butterfly Effect (Hairstylist); Good Boy! (Hairstylist); Peacemakers (Hairstylist); The Core (Hairstylist); It's All About Love (Hairstylist); Living With The Dead (Hairstylist); Snow Dogs (Hairstylist); D-Tox (Hairstylist); Speaking of Sex  (Hairstylist); Watchtower (Hairstylist); Cats & Dogs (Hairstylist); The 6th Day (Hairstylist); Scary Movie (Hairstylist); Freeway II: Confessions      of a Trickbaby (Hairstylist); The 13th Warrior (Hairstylist); Da Vinci's Inquest (Hairstylist); Mercy Point (Hairstylist); I've Been Waiting for You  (Hairstylist); Goldrush: A Real Life Alaskan Adventure (Hairstylist); Murder in My Mind (Hairstylist); Two (Hairstylist); Poltergeist: The  Legacy (Hairstylist); Jack Reed: One of Our Own (Hairstylist); Hawkeye (Hairstylist); Cobra (Hairstylist); Anything for Love (Hairstylist); Captive (Hairstylist); Neon Rider (Hairstylist)

Susan Cameron: E.T.: The Extraterrestrial (Actor)

Tina Leigh Cameron: Scarface (Actor)

Alex Cameron: The Mummy (draughtsman); Tomorrow Never Dies (art department assistant)

Lisa Cameron: As The World Turns (Actor); Another World (Actor); Alimony Lovers (Actor)

Kristin (Bernstein) Cameron: A Beautiful Mind (Second Assistant Director); The Bone Collector (Second Assistant Director); Dudley Do-Right (Second  Assistant Director); A Fish in the Bathtub (Second Assistant Director); The Corruptor (Second Assistant Director); The Sopranos (Second Assistant Director); My Husband's Secret Life; Hush (Second Assistant Director); Great Expectations (Second Assistant Director); Dellaventura (Second Assistant Director); Sins of the Mind (Second Assistant Director); Feds (Second Assistant Director); The Mirror Has Two Faces (Second Assistant Director); The American President (Production Assistant); IQ (Production Assistant); Scent of a Woman  (Production Assistant); Running Mates (Production Assistant); Cape Fear (Production Assistant)

Angus Cameron: (Visual Effects)

Ian Cameron: The Island at the Top of the World (Writer)

Jeremy Cameron: It Was An Accident (Writer)

Beau Cameron: Adaptation (Lead Animator); Stormrider (Effects Animator; The Crow: Salvation (Lead Animator)

Mageara Cameron: (Visual Effects)

Ian Cameron: Equilibrium (First Assistant Director)

Caroline Cameron: The Matrix Revolutions (Motion Capture Animator); Thir13en Ghosts (Visual Effects); The Matrix Reloaded (Animator)

Anne Cameron: Ticket to Heaven (Writer); Drying Up The Streets (Writer); Mr. Skitch (Writer); McCabe & Mrs. Miller (Actor)

Kisha Imani Cameron: Bamboozled (Associate Producer)

Peter Cameron: The City of Your Final Destination (Writer); The Weekend (Writer)

Bruce Cameron: Killer Instinct (Writer); Nightmare Cafe (Writer); The New Lassie (Writer)

P.J. Cameron: Dracula (religious consultant)

Richard Cameron: Dear Nobody (Writer); Stone, Scissors, Paper (Writer)

John D. Cameron: Legends of the Fall (Actor)

John Cameron: My Life So Far (Carpenter); Cube (Carpenter)

Colin Cameron: Phantom of the Paradise (Actor)

Scott Cameron: The Edge (Set Dresser)

Lady Mary Cameron: Many Happy Returns (Writer)

Denis Cameron: The Killing Fields (thanked)

Jerome Cameron: Armstrong Circle Theatre (Writer)

Jillian Cameron: Pushing Tin (Actor)

Don Churchill Cameron: Jingle, Jangle, Jingle (Writer); Smooth Sailing (Writer)

Eileen Cameron: Counter Etiquette, Part 1 (Writer); Counter Etiquette, Part 2 (Writer)

Heather Cameron: Transit: Adventure of a Boy in the Big City (Director)

Christopher Alan Cameron: Under Siege (Actor)

Sean Cameron: The Limit (Actor)

Douglas Cameron: The Canadian Air Connection (Writer)

Brad Cameron: Scary Movie 3 (Crew)

Pamela Cameron: Scary Movie 3 (Crew)

Norman Cameron: Isis (Writer)

Brian Cameron: Snow Day (Art Department)

Kerstin Cameron: Kein Himmel uber Afrika (Writer)

Grant Scott-Cameron: Afterlife (Cinematographer)

Earl Cameron: Thunderball (Actor)

Kirsty Cameron: Whale Rider (Costume Designer)

Jeff Cameron: La Colt Era Il Suo Dio (Actor)

Sean Cameron: The Last Castle (Actor)

Jock Cameron: Dutch Courage (Actor)

Joey Cameron: The American Bickman Burger (Actor)

Iva Violet (Cameron): Ginger (Actor)

Aliza Cameron: Jeremiah (Visual Effects)

Alistair Cameron: Better or Worse? (Cinematographer)

Lloyd (Nelson) Cameron: Pretty Woman (Actor)

Peter Lee Cameron: Fluff (Actor)

John Cameron: Congo (Actor)

William Cameron: Lorenzo's Oil (Actor)

John Cameron: Home and Away (Editor)

Fernando Phifer Cameron: Disappearing Acts (Actor)

Joseph Cameron: Passion (Actor)

Christine Cameron: Bedazzled (Actor)

Barry Cameron: Snow Day (Special Effects)

Neil Cameron: Among Others (Actor)

Jesse Cameron-Glickenhaus: Timemaster (Actor)

Dave Cameron: 1941 (Actor)

Michael Cameron: Angel Eyes (Actor)

Domenica Cameron-Scorsese

Candace Cameron  Bure (b. 4-6-76 in Panorama City, California; perhaps lives in Dallas): (Actor)

Barbara Cameron: November 1955 Playboy Playmate of the Month

Nancy Cameron (3-15-1954 in Arnold, Pennsylvania): January 1974 Playboy 20th Anniversary Playmate of the Month

Kevin Derr: Seabiscuit (Stunts)

Albert Derr: Manhattan Angel (Writer)

Katherose (Karin Dor) Derr: You Only Live Twice (Actor)

Richard Derr: (b. 15 June 1918; d. 8 May 1992): When Worlds Collide  (Actor); Charlie Chan in Rio (Actor); Joan of Arc (Actor); The  Invisible Avenger  (Actor); Terror is a Man (Actor); The Drowning Poo (Actor);; American Gigolo (Actor); Firefox (Actor)

Celia Derr: Phantom of the Paradise (Actor)

Renate Derr: Dar Ghorbat (Actor)

E.B. Derr: Holiday (Producer)

Kelley Derr: Brother Bear  (Crew)

E.R. Derr: Old Louisiana (Producer)

Phil Derr-Hackman: Titus Andronicus (Actor)

Holly Derr: Senses of Place (Actor)

Much of this is of course incomplete, but i work on completing it from time to time . . .
                                                                    -- tg